Foam Rolls

Foam rolls offer an excellent protective solution for fragile items, providing a soft layer of cushioning for packaging. A good solution for glassware, crockery, cutlery, electronic items and alike. The rolls are light weight and CFC free.

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Stock Sizes

750mm x 1.0mm Foam 

300 metres 

1000mm x 1.0mm Foam 

300 metres

1200mm x 1.0mm Foam 

300 metres

1500mm x 1.0mm Foam 

300 metres

500mm x 1.5mm Foam 

200 metres

1000mm x 1.5mm Foam 

200 metres

1500mm x 1.5mm Foam 

200 metres

1500mm x 2.5mm Foam 

120 metres

Foam Profiles

Foam Profile Green Ufix15 Tulip

100% Rec B250 15mmx2m (250 Lengths/ct)

Foam Profile Green Ufix25 Tulip

100% Rec B140 28mmx2m (140 Lengths/ct)

Foam Profile Green Ufix35 Tulip

100% Rec B90 35mmx2m (90 Lengths/ct)

Foam Profile Green Ufix45 Tulip

100% Rec B80 45mmx2m (80 Lengths/ct)

Foam Profile Green Ufix60 Tulip

100% Rec B50 60mmx2m (50 Lengths/ct)

Foam Profile Green Ufix80 Tulip

100% Rec B40 80mmx2m (40 Lengths/ct)

Foam Corner Green Ufix25

100% Rec B600 25x100x100mm (600/ct)

Foam Corner Green Ufix45 

100% Rec B300 45x100x100mm (300/ct)

Foam Profile Green L50

100% Rec B240 50x50x6mmx2m (240 Lengts/ct)

Foam Profile Green L75

100% Rec B105 75x75x6mmx2m (105 Lengts/ct)

Foam Sheets

1200 X 2000 X 25MM Foam 

2 metres x 1.2 meters x 1" thickness

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