Pallet / Stretch Wrap

Mini Rolls - Hand Film - Machine Film

We offer a wide variety of different types of pallet wrap, including mini rolls, hand film and machine film. 

Our main stock sizes are...

  • 100mm x 17micron x 150metres Clear Mini Stretch Wrap (40 rolls per box)
  • 400mm x 20micron x 300metres Clear Stretch Wrap (standard and extended cores - 6 rolls per box)
  • 500mm x 25micron x 200metres Black Stretch Wrap (6 rolls per box)

These grades suit most general pallet wrapping applications, but also work well with heavier goods and irregular shaped loads. If you require a different spec, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Machine film is supplied to order. 46 rolls per pallet.

Please contact us with your specific requirements for up to date prices.

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